Monday, November 21, 2011

"So, Why The F**k Did I Do This For A Living?"

      As my friend Bob once said "If you're parents had encouraged you to be a musician, you'd probably be on Wall Street right now!" You know, all kidding aside, it really is an interesting question to pose, especially to an artist or anyone else who "went against the grain" of their parents' wishes/advice or God forbid "Society's"!!!  I can truly tell you that it was a struggle then and actually continues to be to this day. 
     You probably won't believe this, but even the guy that picks up my garbage in front of my house for like 15 years now, started referring to me as "Houdini"!  When I asked him why, he looked at me point blank and told me that they all wanted to know what I did for a living? (sound familiar?, read my first book!) This is most likely because I would come out around 10 AM, barefoot and in my shorts to bring out the garbage or recyclables. One day, after years of persecution, when he asked me "So, Why The F**k Do You Really Do For A Living?", I replied, out of sheer exasperation, "I'm A Kept Man!!!"   I don't have to tell you how hard we laughed and how we both fell out screaming till tears rolled down our cheeks!  

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